During my world trip I landed on a dump in Tanzania, teaching kids how to jump rope and watching them forget their worries for a moment. This moment changed my life and made my vision clear that jump rope can change lives. I decided to make a living from jump rope and want to inspire others to follow their dreams and stay positive even in hard times.

For now we only deliver to Germany, but stay tuned for when your location is available*

The perfect start for you

WATE ROPE gets you started the right way, is best for learning Jump Rope tricks the easiest way and helps you burn calories fast. Because of the high quality fabrics you have a long lasting product with timeless, modern & gender neutral look. The unique coloured beads help you seeing and hearing the rope better and gives you a natural & comfortable feeling of movement when jumping towards your goal with WATE ROPE. This jump rope is made by local german businesses, tested by multiple jump rope champion & certified coach Mira Waterkotte and assembled by the sheltered workshop. Be a part of this movement and be one of the first people owning this unique treasure.

If you want to get started the best way learn with me online in your own pace. Get started with the one week course (4 footwork skills, 1 routine to music, 1 lunchbreak workout to music) or perfect your skills and techniques in the 4 weeks program (17 skills, 4 routines to music, 4 lunchbreak workouts with music). You learn skills like: shuffeling, cross over and double under.

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